Save the dream

By Dreamer Alliance

Dreamers all over the country need your help! They will lose everything they worked hard for in less than a month if we do not do anything to stop it.

After President Trump announced in June that DACA youth could rest easy, 10 state attorney generals (led by Texas) have threatened to file suit against Trump if he does not put an end to DACA by September 5th. This means that almost one million people will lose their legal status and become vulnerable to deportation.

These almost one million people have gone through thorough FBI background checks and have given their government all their personal information with the promise that they would be safe to thrive in this country and become a part of American society. They have become doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, and productive members of society. These Dreamers met their end of the bargain; will the government meet theirs?

Stand and fight with Dreamers!

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